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Putting No Bites to the test


It’s an Aussie tradition to relax by the water, beer in hand, listening to the gentle sounds of the bush. But with our beautiful summers comes one drawback –the dreaded mossie. The constant swatting during what should be a relaxing sundown or having one stuck in your tent with you and listening to that shrill hum in the dead of night can be likened to dead set torture. On top of that, we as a nation are increasingly looking for ways to ensure what we do isn’t harmful to ourselves, our kids and our natural environment. That’s why we at Tacspo chose to work with NoBites™, a natural, plant-based, and sustainably-sourced insect repellent.


My family and I recently took a much-needed trip to Hamilton Island. Having only had “staycations” for the last 2 years, we were excited to get away and actually catch a plane out of the city into paradise. It was the opportune time too as we got to play “spot the NRL player” as they were all on their end of season celebrations. This was also the perfect opportunity to put NoBites™ to the test. I must admit I had some hesitation – usually for such a tropical climate I would look for something pretty heavy duty. There was also rain forecast which had my concerns heightened regarding insect bites. Each night after dinner we would sit outside our bungalows enjoying a glass (or 3) of wine while watching the fruit bats fly overhead, hearing the occasional Curlew or Currawong cry and greeting fellow guests in the passing golf buggies. Call it luck if you will, but we definitely found using NoBites™ beneficial – not one bite.


All in all, during our trip we gave NoBites™ a good workout whether we were scuba diving, fishing or just lounging around enjoying the serenity (how’s the serenity?) It left us free of mossie and midgie bites, was gentle on our skin - particularly our 5-year-old’s - and we paired it with a reef safe sunscreen so we felt confident about dipping into the local beaches and waterways without any chemicals we were carrying in with us hurting the marine life.


NoBites™ contains the key ingredient Citriodiol® - nature’s most effective insect defence. Unlike other essential-oil based products, Citriodiol has passed the most rigorous safety and efficacy tests, and is backed by the Centre for Disease Control (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO). NoBites™ has the equivalent efficacy in repelling mosquitoes as that of DEET containing products for at least 6 hours.

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