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Quality. Value. Innovation.

With over 30 years of experience in the optics industry, Carson has dedicated a team of engineers whose sole mission is to improve the customer experience. The company’s product line has grown exponentially to encompass a broader range of products and accessories that reflect the needs of its client base. 

Carson’s product line can be found in diverse outlets, including sporting goods stores, office supply retailers, mass merchants, pharmacies, and even craft retailers.

State of the art

Currently located in Ronkonkoma, Long Island, Carson’s cutting-edge R&D Prototyping lab includes a full workshop featuring multiple CNC machines, 3D printing capabilities in various materials, and an Optics Metrology lab. This equipment provides the engineering and design team every resource to transform novel concepts into finely tuned market-ready products for our growing consumer base.

As a result, Carson has built a patent portfolio encompassing more than one-hundred patents ranging from magnifiers to complex optical testing procedures. This is a testament to the company’s dedication and ingenuity in the field of optics.